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Sat Aug 18 14:39:14 PDT 2001

There have been two spams from the spammer who harvested
email addresses from this list. Unfortunaely, if you do
any posting to the internet you set yourself up for 
lots of spam. One trick is to use "disposable" addresses
to save your primary address from being ruined. 

A spam toolkit;


Unfotunately, once a spammer has your address, it is 
impossible to get it off his list. Congress  has been
really diappointing in dealing with spam;


The direct marketing organization, just another special
interest that owns your congress, has prevented spam
legislation from going forward.

Phillip K.

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> The minute I joined this mailing list I started to recieved 3 to 5 spams a
> day as opposed to ZERO.
> Is the lists membership currently available though an email command?
> Ruben

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