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on Sat, Aug 18, 2001 at 05:21:13PM -0700, Bob Smart (bobds at blorch.org) wrote:
> On Saturday 18 August 2001 10:56, you wrote:
> > > Ummm...actually, not it most definitely is NOT the original intent.
> > > Copyright was established as a mechanism to enrich society, and any
> > > economic incentives for authors that accompany it are merely the means
> > > to that end, not the end itself.
> >
> > Believe me, I understand the concept.  Authors are granted an income
> > stream so that society may benefit from their writings.  Without the
> > monopoly-derived profit, no writing.  Without a public benefit, no
> > justification for the monopoly grant.
> Ummm...no, PUBLISHERS get the income.  

You're changing the subject, again.

The original point was Sonja's, that copyright is a balance of
interests.  I won't repeat myself, as you're already failing to read
what I write.

A few comments interspersed in the OT wanderings below.

> In fact, some of the greatest literature, music, and other art of all
> time was created under NO system of copyrights AT ALL.  

Historically, the Busking Protocol is probably the Street Performer
(Busking) Protocol, particularly in pre-copyright eras.  Essentially
anything prior to the 1710 passage of the Statute of Anne, in England.

> Writing for purely commercial purposes produces...slasher sequels and
> mindless, derivative sitcoms.

There was actually an interesting little experiment on copyright
protections called the French Revolution.  The major product of the
times was little different from what you describe, incidentally.

> This system we have today has NOTHING to do with "protecting" or
> "promoting" artists, and everything to do with exploiting them in what
> was until recently their utter helplessness.

I'm in large agreement with your assessment of the current state of
affairs.  I disagree with you on some of its origins.

> Now, to return this to something at least vaguely Sklyarov-related:
> Dmitry isn't even accused of doing anything wrong to authors or making
> illegal copies, nor is anybody else accused of using his software for
> such a purpose!  All his software does is enable people to access the
> books they've already paid for (whoever actually got the money) and
> even THAT is more than our current system of institutionalized
> intellectual parasitism can stomach.  


    Copyright is a delicate bargain.  The government creates a temporary
    artificial monopoly on a creative work to allow the creator to gain
    a profit.  In return, the public gets the benefit of using, and
    eventually gaining, that piece of work.  The key  part of copyright,
    the nasty truth that everyone seems so ready to forget, is that it
    is for the benefit of the public.  It is NOT for the benefit of
    business, or even for the creators.  It, of course, hopes to enable
    the creators to profit from their work, but, if copyright ceases to
    benefit society as a whole, that the constitutional basis of
    copyright is ruined.  If the damage to society in the support of
    copyright is greater than the benefit, constitutional copyright is
    again ruined.  I personally feel that the DMCA destroys any notion
    of the balance.  It takes away all concepts of fair use.

...in the event you missed it, that's Sonja's comment about six posts
back.  I'm in full agreement with her views as expressed.  As are you,
it appears.

I call this "violent agreement".

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