[free-sklyarov] Register: Penguin embraces ebook

Jon O . jono at microshaft.org
Tue Aug 21 19:11:25 PDT 2001

Can someone comment on the PG license? It is very interesting that
VolumeOne (the people behind the Alice in Wonderland restrictions,
could actually restrict that book given this:


You may distribute copies of this etext electronically, or by
disk, book or any other medium if you either delete this
"Small Print!" and all other references to Project Gutenberg,

[1]  Only give exact copies of it.  Among other things, this
     requires that you do not remove, alter or modify the
     etext or this "small print!" statement.  You may however,
     if you wish, distribute this etext in machine readable
     binary, compressed, mark-up, or proprietary form,
     including any form resulting from conversion by word pro-
     cessing or hypertext software, but only so long as

     [*]  The etext, when displayed, is clearly readable, and
          does *not* contain characters other than those
          intended by the author of the work, although tilde
          (~), asterisk (*) and underline (_) characters may
          be used to convey punctuation intended by the
          author, and additional characters may be used to
          indicate hypertext links; OR

     [*]  The etext may be readily converted by the reader at
          no expense into plain ASCII, EBCDIC or equivalent
          form by the program that displays the etext (as is
          the case, for instance, with most word processors);

     [*]  You provide, or agree to also provide on request at
          no additional cost, fee or expense, a copy of the
          etext in its original plain ASCII form (or in EBCDIC
          or other equivalent proprietary form).

Does the first clause allow for conversion to eBook format 
and allow restrictions by means of the "OR"? It also seems
to say if you remove all references to PG you can restrict 
the hell out of the book...

On 21-Aug-2001, Klepht wrote:
> >>>>> "KMS" == Karsten M Self <kmself at ix.netcom.com> writes:
>     KMS> Penguin has jumped into the ebook format with both
>     KMS> feet. From September it is making a large range of titles
>     KMS> from its back catalogue available over the Internet. They
>     KMS> includes classics from Jane Austen, Charles Dickens etc. [...]
> http://promo.net/cgi-promo/pg/cat.cgi?&label=ID&ftpsite=ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/gutenberg/&alpha=1412
> (Plus about 6 other books)
> http://promo.net/cgi-promo/pg/cat.cgi?&label=ID&ftpsite=ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/gutenberg/&alpha=749
> (Plus about 10 other books)
> What do you think the restricted-use versions released by Penguin will
> look like?
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