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Christopher R. Maden crism at maden.org
Wed Aug 22 00:20:11 PDT 2001

At 19:11 21-08-2001, Jon O . wrote:

>Can someone comment on the PG license? It is very interesting that
>VolumeOne (the people behind the Alice in Wonderland restrictions,
>could actually restrict that book given this:

Once again:

Adobe sets the defaults for any privileges to "no" because those privileges 
might have been added to the Reader after the book was produced, and so the 
publisher couldn't have chosen to enable those privileges.  The publisher 
must therefore explicitly choose to enable privileges they want to 
support.  VolumeOne didn't do this for _Alice in Wonderland_.  They fixed 
the problem when it came up.

No, I don't like how Adobe handles licenses, but there are so many more 
real issues to deal with than this, which basically comes down to a poor 
wording choice and a goof-up for which the publisher has apologized, so 
let's stop harping on it.

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