[free-sklyarov] Court and event changes

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Wed Aug 22 13:41:04 PDT 2001

Because of the postponement of Dmitry's pretrial hearing to the
30th, we are _not_ going to have a "pack the courtroom" event
tomorrow morning.  (Relevant lawyers and media won't be there.)

The postponement means that Bay Area people will have a choice of
two events for the 30th: pack the courtroom for Dmitry's hearing, or
attend the large march starting from Moscone Center in San Francisco.

I will be at the large march in San Francisco but it is important
to have a full courtroom for the hearing too.

However, the Andrew Bunner DVD case hearing is still happening in
San Jose tomorrow, and the EFF is asking supporters of freedom to
come out for that.

For info on the Bunner case tomorrow and on Dmitry's hearing on the 30th:

San Francisco march on the 30th (still on):

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