[free-sklyarov] Register: Penguin embraces ebook

David desJardins david at desjardins.org
Wed Aug 22 14:47:56 PDT 2001

Christopher R. Maden <crism at maden.org> writes:
> No, I don't like how Adobe handles licenses, but there are so many
> more real issues to deal with than this, which basically comes down to
> a poor wording choice and a goof-up for which the publisher has
> apologized, so let's stop harping on it.

I don't agree at all.  The most fundamental problem with the DMCA is
that it enables publishers to prevent fair use.  This isn't a minor
issue, and it doesn't revolve around "poor wording" or a "goof-up".  The
problem of "electronic documents" being distributed using software that
prevents fair use of that content, and under a legal system that makes
it illegal to circumvent those restrictions (i.e., to develop the
ability to perform acts that the legal framework otherwise would
recognize as fair use), is the heart of the DMCA issue.

  -- David desJardins

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