[free-sklyarov] Copyright as a restriction

Tom tom at lemuria.org
Thu Aug 23 04:10:49 PDT 2001

On Thu, Aug 23, 2001 at 10:39:02AM +0200, DeBug wrote:
> agree to transfer money from the trustee account to the band
> he must prove the demands he assigned to his preorder are not
> fulfilled. If he fails to prove his money are given to the band
> if he proves - he takes the money back. The proof MUST BE BASED

those part are debug's additions, btw. my personal vision rests
squarely on making things as simple as possible. not sure which is
best, but for starts, simple is usually good.

> P.S.
> I have found at least four people interested in discussing this issue
> me debug at centras.lt
> Tom tom at lemuria.org
> Bob bsmart at blorch.org
> Jeme jeme at brelin.net
> Is it enough to set up a mailing list ?

anyone wants to set one up? I can do if nobody else wants.

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