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DeBug debug at centras.lt
Thu Aug 23 04:30:37 PDT 2001

>> agree to transfer money from the trustee account to the band
>> he must prove the demands he assigned to his preorder are not
>> fulfilled. If he fails to prove his money are given to the band
>> if he proves - he takes the money back. The proof MUST BE BASED

T> those part are debug's additions, btw. my personal vision rests
T> squarely on making things as simple as possible. not sure which is
T> best, but for starts, simple is usually good.
This really becomes off topic but i just let me one comment
To make things as simple as Tom says one can set a default preorder
form with the following statement in it:
"I am as preorderer agree to that the money i put now to
the trustee accout may be given to the band as soon as it signs
this preorder. This can be done even if the band will fail to
produce the album"

Now what my addition is useful for:
It can attract those people who do not trust the band enough
( Oh i know they will produce useless junk etc ... )
On the other hand i do not force the band to sign too
demanding preorders. If the band wishes it can sign only
default preorders i mentioned above.
In any case both sides will be interested to pull the money
out of trustee account and there will be a document
in case they get to the court

Best regards,
 DeBug                            mailto:debug at centras.lt

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