[free-sklyarov] Copyright as a restriction

Tom tom at lemuria.org
Thu Aug 23 04:23:29 PDT 2001

On Wed, Aug 22, 2001 at 07:33:16PM -0700, Bob Smart wrote:
> > I'm very interested in working this with you (depending, of course, on
> > some of the philosophical details).

coming at the bottom

> I've actually been working on a system for doing just that (connecting 
> patrons with beneficiaries).  In my vision, these beneficiaries need not 
> necessarily be "artists" (want to show your appreciation for a Linux project 
> or individual developer?) and the patrons could be small-time donors, either 
> making a single gift to a particular party or getting something akin to a 
> "subscription" where some pledged amount of money would be transferred every 
> month, every quarter, etc.
> Anybody interested in this kind of project, please contact me at my primary 
> e-mail (bsmart at blorch.org).  If there's enough interest, I'll set up a 
> Mailman list about it--but in any case, I'd like to discuss it more.

please set up the mailman list and add me. I think these two approaches
have lots of things in common, but there's two differences:

- I concentrate on music for several practical reasons (including easy
worldwide distribution)
- in my system, nobody gives away money or does any kind of "support"
work. it's just that you buy the CD before it gets done.

philosophical details:

the whole idea rests on this:

- punch a hole into the music mafia stranglehold by connecting artists
and music lovers as directly as possible.

- cut out the middle men economically, which would drop prices
dramatically. I envision the price for an album could be around
2 euro (or $2).

- distribute the risk. when the band goes into the studio, it knows
that part or all of the bill are covered by preorders.

- deal a huge blow to piracy. at 2 euro or $, the original can actually
compete with the copy, because not having to hunt around for your favorite 
stuff on napster et al for an hour only to find that track 3 is of
horrible quality is easily worth 2 bucks to almost everyone.

- help fresh blood break into the music market. new and unknown bands
have really no way today. only thing they can do is sell their souls
and sign a record contract. I want to give them a choice.

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