[free-sklyarov] Re: [DMITRY-PLAN] SF Volunteer Desperately Needed

Will Doherty wild at eff.org
Fri Aug 24 10:16:59 PDT 2001

At least giving a call as a courtesy to notify the San Francisco
police that the protest is going to happen would be wise.

There may be a need to redirect traffic if as many people
come to the protest as we hope!

Aside from isolated problems (Critical Mass incident, Castro
incidents, more further back in history), San Francisco police
have been very respectful and helpful around protest activities.

Acquit Dmitry and Reform the DMCA,

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At 05:03 AM 8/24/2001 -0700, Macki wrote:
>What permits? Are we blocking any streets? No. We don't need any permits 
>at all. Especially not in SF, I've marched with a hundred people down 
>market street during rush hour with police escort and no permit and no 
>problems. If you want a parade permit, it probably takes longer than a 
>week (besides for being inappropriate).
>I understand the chilling effect that police violence can have on would be 
>demonstrators, but PLEASE do your research. Needlessly asking the state 
>for permission before you exercise your free speech rights is not only a 
>waste of time and energy, but underminds people's confidence in the 
>legitemacy of our actions. It's sending a message to participants that 
>what we're doing is some thing other than a perfectly normal and legal 
>activity that should be commonplace in any democracy, and that it's in 
>need of prior approval by the police. Yes, it sometimes pays to be 
>paranoid, but not at the cost of self-censorship and chilling your speech.
>If you're still concerned, contact the National Lawyer's Guild of SF and 
>ask them to send a legal observer to the demo (always a good idea anyway).
>      --Macki
> > I need to talk to a volunteer from San Francisco to help with getting
> > the permits for next week's event.
> >
> > I'm moving out of my house and going up to Burning Man, and I'm
> > totally unable to manage the permits. I can hook the person up with
> > the right cops and departments, though, and all they have to do is the
> > legwork.
> >
> > Email is sporadic (moving, etc.) -- please call 415-377-8614 if you
> > can do this _very_ important job.
> >
> > ~ESP
> >
> > --
> > Evan Prodromou
> > evan at prodromou.san-francisco.ca.us

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