[free-sklyarov] A publisher that "gets it"

Ben Ford ben at kalifornia.com
Fri Aug 24 15:27:17 PDT 2001

Stephen R. Savitzky wrote:

>As I said, these guys get it.

Here is also another paragraph which I think is dead on.  Bear in mind 
that I know on a personal level many people engaging in 
software/video/audio "piracy", and this describes most of their 
motivations exactly.


     The only time that /mass scale /petty thievery becomes a problem is 
when the perception spreads, among broad layers of the population, that 
a given product is priced artificially high due to monopolistic 
practices and/or draconian legislation designed to protect those 
practices.  But so long as the "gap" between the price of a legal 
product and a stolen one remains both small and, in the eyes of most 
people, a legitimate cost rather than gouging, 99% of them will prefer 
the legal product.



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