[free-sklyarov] Possible mass arrests planned (DOD scanning)

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Well in my case, I don't have that presentation on my site, nor am I linking
to it, I'm just linking to a skylarov site, and have a few pictures for

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With the recent threads on the DOD using spiders to
check for Dmitry's powerpoint presentation and decss,
I am wondering if the government may be planning mass
arrests.  If hundreds or even thousands of people were
arrested under the DMCA for hosting the presentation,
the intimidation factor worldwide would be very large.
 Please note that this is pure speculation, with no
evidence other than the scans by DOD computers.  I
would suggest that anyone with such a mirror contact a
lawyer if possible, even if outside the U.S.  Remember
the Noriega incident where the U.S. invaded Panama to
kidnap/extradite (which word is correct depends on who
you talk to) an ambassador currently there.  I am not
sure if the U.S. would go to such extremes over the
DMCA, but as the old saying goes, the price of freedom
is eternal vigilance.

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