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I know that getting Dmitry found not guilty is our #1 concern, but at this
point it is more and more out of our hands.

I hope that people who live near the court house can flyer EVERY car and
person each and every day before the jury arrives with information about
Jury Nullification, which I think can work in his favor. More info at
http://dng.nu/dada click on "08-13-2001".

One thing we CAN NOT forget, even if some of you are against it, is to
continue the boycott against Adobe.  It is still their fault for bringing
the attention of the Justice Department to Sklyarov.  WE CAN NOT AND SHOULD
NOT accept Adobe as an "acceptable" product, and MUST do all we can to
remove their presence from our computers and those of our clients, friends,
and families.

Please do not forget what kicked off this outrage.  While we all know the
law is unconstitutional, it will never disappear as long as we show our
support for big government parties like the democrats, republicans, and
greens.  NONE of the three want a constitutional government.


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Dmitry and his friends are taking one for the team!

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