[free-sklyarov] Every little bit helps

Mickey mickeym at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 30 18:11:20 PDT 2001

It does help. I wear the shirt every Friday at work. When I travel, I wear it so everyone in the airport and on the plane can see it. When I went to a concert with my daughter, I wore it there and the ticket takers at the gate asked about it. They had seen it before but didn't know what it meant. It's a good way to start a conversation about it.


Joe Barr wrote:

> I wore my "Free Sklyarov" t-shirt during the Golden Penguin Bowl at Linux World Expo on Tuesday.  A very small gesture, to be sure.  I felt good when one of the fellow contestants remarked on it.  But I feel even better about it today as I read the PC World report on the Golden Penguin Bowl and it mentioned the t-shirt.  Every little bit helps.
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