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Robloch at aol.com Robloch at aol.com
Thu Aug 30 20:08:34 PDT 2001

To mark the occasion, I've written an article. Let's hope that common sense 
>>prevails today. Good luck all. 
>>I think that this is a workable theory, what do you think. Criminal or 
>Never attribute to malice, etc..
>If I'm not entirely mistaken, both Dmitry and Alex Katalov - the executive
>of Elcomsoft - were at DEFCON. If the FBI had wanted Elcomsoft in the first
>place, they could have cuffed Alex.

Alex was sitting next to him while he gave his speech.

By the way, that link should be  http://www.dotcomscoop.com/wtaw830.html


Number of restrictions placed on "Alice in Wonderland" (public domain)    
eBook:  5

Maximum penalty for reading "Alice in Wonderland" aloud (possible DMCA    
violation):  5 years jail

Average sentence for commiting Rape: 5 years

The point that I would still make is, to my understanding, they couldn't 
arrest the owners of Elcomsoft at DEFCOM because that would not have been 
consistent with the complaint procedure against a corporation. 

Leading on from that, the possibilty that I was addressing in the article was 
whether conceivably argue that they arrested Dmitry as a way of getting to 
Elcomsoft. Personally I think that they just went off on one, but I thought 
it worth consideration. This is the US Government after all. 

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