[free-sklyarov] DoD crawling

Joe Barr joe at pjprimer.com
Fri Aug 31 14:16:28 PDT 2001

My sources have pegged the spider's url as resolving to the Air Force branch of the NSA.

On Thu, 30 Aug 2001 18:40:49 -0700 (PDT)
Martin Baker <martinb at kemokid.com> wrote:

> I could understand why the FBI might be crawling Sklyarov-related sites,
> but why the DoD? Consider this:
>     "The authors maintain that the U.S. military must center its
>     attention in the activities of the NGOs and Internet communication."
> From http://students.washington.edu/loren/htmlpages/news/randreport.html
> which is a review of _The Zapatista "Social Netwar" in Mexico_, a US
> Army-funded RAND study:
> http://www.rand.org/publications/MR/MR994/
> The Free Sklyarov protests are a good example of decentralized protest
> organized across the country, even the world, using the Internet. As far
> as I know, we have not made any connections to other movements. I would
> imagine that one thing the DoD could be doing is trying to identify the
> individuals involved in our protests and see whether these individuals are
> involved in other protests or activist groups.
> NB: the study was completed in 1998, so it doesn't consider the more
> visible, recent events of Seattle, Quebec, Genoa, etc.
> You gotta feel sorry for the DoD. They invent this Internet thing, and
> then people turn it around and use it to organize against the ruling
> interests, threatening their precious "stability".
> Martin
> PS. DoD: To make your lives a little easier, I was at a couple of protests
> in SF against the police brutality in Genoa, and I'm thinking of working
> with Food Not Bombs cause they're so damn cool. :-)
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