[free-sklyarov] Linux update withholds security info on DMCA terror

Ilya Volynets ilya at theIlya.com
Fri Nov 2 15:20:00 PST 2001

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On Friday 02 November 2001 03:09 pm, you wrote:
> If you're going to be the leader of something like this then you should be
> willing to take that risk.  I would.
If you feel you have time, ability, and desire, go ahead and start your own
kernel cvs tree, whith security update for US people. I'll be first to chec out.

>  If someone would get me those
> security updates I would post them on the Internet in a heartbeat despite
> the risk.
I guess that posting to couple of kernel-related mailing lists would get
them to you in no time.

> If they put me in jail I'd be happy to martyr myself for the
> cause of overturning the DMCA.  To me the security of important data is
> worth taking the chance.
And we all will be happy to stand behind you.
>  Please note that I did not say that he should
> stop being a kernel developer.  I said he should turn over leadership and
> control of the changelog and website to someone who would be willing to
> take that risk.
As you have said before, Linux kernel is not tool for doing politics, so why
someone has to take risk of being involved into legal things in US, for
leading it's development?

> Lets also remember that he's not even American so the DMCA
> wouldn't affect him unless he came over here.
And let's also remember that many Unix-related conferences are run in US.
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