[free-sklyarov] RE: FJIA etc

Will Janoschka wiljan at pobox.com
Tue Nov 6 09:41:25 PST 2001

I was speaking of jury nullification in a US criminal trial.  I believe
that is still legal in the US.  I am sure there can be exceptions, i.e.
external evidence of jury tampering etc.  I believe that not even the
judge is allowed to investigate the deliberations of the jury.  I believe the
jury may agree to acquit because the prostituting  attorney was picking his
nose during the trial, and that such a verdict would withstand challenge.
I would really like to know.        -will-
On Tue, 6 Nov 2001 12:28:18 Neon Samurai alex at 2600.COM  wrote:

>  A jury is not qualified to rule on issue of law, only a judge is
> the arbiter of issues of law; for instance, if the issue is whether or not
> a particular statute is applicable in a certain situation, like the DMCA,
> a judge makes that determination.  A jury can only find whether or not
> Dmitry has violated the DMCA; and a jury properly instructed, I believe,
> would find that Dmitry broke the law.  It's a very similar situation to
> 2600's in that Judge Kaplan ruled that simply by DeCSS existing, it
> violated the DMCA.
> ......

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