[free-sklyarov] Bruce Schneier talk

Jim Crumley crumley at mail.com
Wed Nov 7 07:34:36 PST 2001

Students for Fair Copyright[1] is pleased to announce Bruce
Schneier's talk[2] about the DMCA on Thursday,  November 15th at
7:00 in room 2-690 of the Moos Tower on the University of
Minnesota's Minneapolis campus. This is the third lecture in our
continuing series:  "Reclaiming the Public Domain: Intellectual
Property in the Digital Millennium." More details about the talk,
including a link to a map to Moos Tower, are available at the
press release link below.

  1. http://faircopyright.org/
  2. http://faircopyright.org/press/schneier.html
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