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DeBug debug at centras.lt
Thu Nov 15 00:56:35 PST 2001

>> If you are the author it does not necessarily mean that it is you and only
>> you who exploits the work.

E> It means that no one can distribute your work without your permission.
This is why i dont like software AUTOMATICALLY copyrighted
I am the author but i had  never agreed that i own my work
i created it for the public and noone own it
Under Bern convention it seems to be impossible and i find it
extremely dangerous.
An example is the way GPL works :
a) You copyright your work
b) You allow wide range of its uses ( what is called free software)
But i dont like the way it works this is not the same (even if you
state it in your license) as saying "noone owns it, noone controls
how other people use it"...

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