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DeBug debug at centras.lt
Thu Nov 15 00:44:50 PST 2001

>>Dimitri is the copyright holder, so he has all the rights unless assigned.
KF> It's not quite as "clear" as you suggest:
KF> "Who Really Owns the Copyright to Advanced eBook Processor?"
KF> http://www.planetpdf.com/mainpage.asp?webpageid=1546

I find it very dangerous to REQUIRE that every  software had a
copyright holder. For example i want to put my program
into public domain anonymously so that noone can control
how other people use it. It seems to be impossible because
BY DEFAULT any program has an owner i.e. lawers want to have
a person that could answer in the court who can and who cannot use the program.
They do not want to understand that there CAN exists not proprietary things,
the things that belong to NOONE. It is very dangerous to require that
every thing had an owner.

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