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DeBug debug at centras.lt
Thu Nov 15 01:34:29 PST 2001

CRM> Well, you have copyright when you create it - you can then assign that 
CRM> copyright to the public domain.
I must say it again -
I am the author but i had  never agreed that i own my work so
dont forse me to copyright it.

CRM> This demonstrates, I think, some of the problems that arise when a work is
CRM> held itself to be illegal in some way, as opposed to just its use.
Who decides that the work is illegal ?
The answer is simple. If you think that it is illegal -  don't use it
but please let everyone to decide it for himself.
Is A-bomb illegal ? It depends on how it is going to be used
(e.g. it could be headed to destoy an incoming disaster from the space)

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