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At 00:44 15-11-2001, DeBug wrote:
>I find it very dangerous to REQUIRE that every  software had a
>copyright holder. For example i want to put my program
>into public domain anonymously so that noone can control
>how other people use it. It seems to be impossible because
>BY DEFAULT any program has an owner i.e. lawers want to have
>a person that could answer in the court who can and who cannot use the 

Well, you have copyright when you create it - you can then assign that 
copyright to the public domain.  The default state, legally, is that a work 
is copyright as soon as someone creates it.  And if your program is held to 
be illegal in some way, then you could be charged (at least as an 
accomplice) for creating and distributing the program, copyright issues aside.

This demonstrates, I think, some of the problems that arise when a work is 
held itself to be illegal in some way, as opposed to just its use.

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