[free-sklyarov] FC: President Bush says military tribunals will try civilian cases (fwd)

tom poe tompoe at renonevada.net
Sun Nov 18 20:32:53 PST 2001

On Sunday 18 November 2001 19:40, Bob La Quey wrote:
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> The secret tribunals are supposedly targeted at Bin Laden and Al Qeda.
> Some of us may well fear that the government will overreach and apply
> this power in cases like Dmitry's. I hope not, but feel we must be
> vigilant. 
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Hi:  An understatement, for sure.  I don't think it was a week ago, in 
England, with regard to their security measures discussion, it was something 
like, and I paraphrase, we are passing security measures necessary to fight 
terrorism, and, oh, yes, this law will also be used to control the football 
hooligans.   Unbelievable, but true.  If I recall, it was a measure that 
altered how passport holders would be treated.  Yes, you should know, my 
source was the infamous The Register.   Thanks, Tom

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