[free-sklyarov] FC: President Bush says military tribunals will try civilian cases (fwd)

Tom tom at lemuria.org
Sun Nov 18 23:50:05 PST 2001

On Sun, Nov 18, 2001 at 07:40:14PM -0800, Bob La Quey wrote:
> bastards == "Bin Laden and Al Qeda" 
> bastards != Dmitry
> Ruben expressed himself clearly although using pronouns often leads to 
> confusion. Nowhere is he saying that "all non-americans should be shot". 

he was quite clear, but the reply also made a good point - isn't the
problem of identifying who *exactly* is a "bastard" the #1 issue of all
the recent weeks? and don't forget that all kind of restrictions that
have nothing whatsoever to do with the "bastards" or their methods and
tools have ridden piggyback into national legislation all over the
planet. the RIAAs plans to get a special exception for themselves
included failed, but hundreds of others (and I'm not exagerating) made

at the current rate, half a year from now we'll all be "bastards"
ourselves. I know that with a strict reading of recent laws, things I
do *every* day will be illegal soon. (the law is already on its way)

> Others may doubt the responsility of Bin Laden and Al Qeda for the events 
> of Sept 11. Nonetheless, I must say that I won't lose any sleep if they 
> shoot the "bastards". 

you (i.e. "the americans at large") don't get it, do you? you have lost. 
shall I spell it? there's no way you can win this "war". you are 
predictible, clumpsy and have gained nothing whatsoever even though you 
have abandoned most of your moral values. current score: 3:0 for your 
unseen attackers, plus extra style points for still remaining incognito 
(we all have someone in mind, but we all know that there is no PROOF).

the problem is that the hatred, clumpsiness and desperation is already
extending far beyond the area of conflict. Dmitry is - or so I hope -
far away to not be included just yet, but for example any new
interesting DDoS attack on major US websites will certainly be called
cyberterrorism. the next script kiddie just may find himself in front
of a military tribunal. especially if bad luck happens to make him
muslim or his parents immigrants from some arabic country.

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