[free-sklyarov] No Black Hat for ElcomSoft

Kurt Foss kfoss at planetpdf.com
Tue Nov 20 13:08:17 PST 2001

An actual Sklyarov/ElcomSoft news item or two ...

No Black Hat as ElcomSoft awaits hearing

Despite previously agreeing to resurrect for a European technology
conference audience the same presentation on eBooks Security that
contributed to colleague Dmitry Sklyarov's arrest by the FBI in July,
ElcomSoft CEO Alexander Katalov has decided to pass on the Nov. 22
opportunity in Amsterdam. He and employee Sklyarov face a Nov. 26
pre-trial hearing in California on criminal charges of violating the DMCA.


Great DMCA Debate Transcript

Dmitry Sklyarov and Alex Katalov of ElcomSoft Ltd. both attended --
but on the advice of their lawyers, were not allowed to participate
in -- a public panel discussion titled "The Digital Millennium
Copyright Act Great Debate" at Seybold San Francisco 2001. However,
one of their attorneys had a brief encounter on the issues with a
panel member representing publishers, just one of many lively
exchanges revealed in this transcript of the lengthy session.


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