[free-sklyarov] Next Hearing / Protests?

Tabinda N. Khan tabindak at best.com
Wed Nov 21 09:49:47 PST 2001

Quoting Erik Moeller:
> Hi,
> according to
> http://www.eff.org/IP/DMCA/US_v_Sklyarov/20010904_eff_sklyarov_elcom_p
> r.html
> the next hearing in the Sklyarov case will be on Nov 26, i.e. next 
> Monday. Are there any protests planned? The EFF front page does not 
> have any news concerning Dmitry Sklyarov, and the free-sklyarov.org 
> calendar doesn't note any events (it is also quite dated).

It seems like everything fell by the proverbial wayside after
9/11. As far as I know, the hearing is still on. I don't
think there are any protests planned for the SF Bay area, but
I do think we need to focus in this area and pack the
courtroom if possible. Having people outside handing out
flyers would be nice, but filling the courtroom would have
more impact on the judge. So if we only have enough people to
do that, everyone should go inside. If there are extra people who
can't fit into the courtroom, they should hand out flyers.

That said, for all geographic locations, there are flyers
posted at http://www.tabinda.com/freedmitry/index.html which
can be used anytime.


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