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Christopher R. Maden crism at maden.org
Mon Sep 10 16:26:06 PDT 2001

At 16:12 10-09-2001, tack wrote:
>1.  If the man will not listen to us, we should become the man.  Many
>congresspersons run for reelection unopposed in their districts.  They
>pretty much get reelected by default.  If you happen to be so inclined and
>are in a position to run for US Congress, I reccomend doing so.  I'm sure
>we can all help each other out.  Seeing the amount of effort put into the
>Free Dmitry movement, we may have the resources for a fair shot.  At least
>it will get the word out.  Imagine this issue going on every ballot in
>your district.  Perhaps, if not in his district, we could ask for advice
>from Rep. Boucher?

Someone (one of two people, but it's not completely settled yet) will be 
running in the 8th CA district who definitely opposes the DMCA.  The first 
choice is someone who's been at Free Dmitry rallies, but may be moving out 
of the district.

I will be running for 13th district CA State Assembly, but that has little 
influence over the DMCA, unfortunately.

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