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Lessig is a hero.  I would like to continue to cover such stories as
GNU-Darwin News.  Dmitry is free now, so that there is an argument to be
made that our news coverage should return to more quotidian matters.  On
the other hand, as many of you know, I am passionate about software freedom
and copyright issues, and I know that this passion is shared by many of

Free software is about *freedom*.  These stories are GNU-Darwin news
because we are anxiously engaged in them.  GNU-Darwin exists in part to
*counter* the outrages of the IP profiteers, and we have been publicly
providing assistance to 
the cyber-liberty groups since
Dimitri was first incarcerated in July.  It could be argued that we made
significant contributions in the following areas since then.

Dmitry Free

Here are the links.


We have been seeking ways to improve and amplify the presentation (but we
could use some help in this regard).  Since that time, we have served at
least a half million web visitors, and I have only received one complaint. 
In fact, the feedback that I have recieved suggests that our users are
overwhelmingly in support of this, and besides, it is the right thing to do
for the "most free Darwin distribution", IMHO.  There are PLENTY of
apolitical free software distributors, for those few who are truly
offended.  Now that we are in this place, I hate to leave, and I signed up
for politechbot in order to try and stay on top of things.


If you have other suggestions, please pass them along.  Let's not load the
list down with political bickering.  If you have thoughts about this, for
or against, please feel free to send them to me personally.  Only reply to
the list, if there is a credible reason to do so.   


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