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Fri Jul 8 22:00:42 PDT 2005

information concerning the arrest of Mr. Sklyarov and the DMCA.

The protesters seek the release of Mr. Sklyarov from US custody both as a
matter of principle and of law. The FBI arrested him at a conference in
Las Vegas, and charged him with violating an American law for work he did
in Russia as a Russian citizen as an employee of a Russian company. He is
being held without bail pending trial, accused of violating the DMCA. He
faces five years in prison despite sloppy investigative work by the FBI at
the request of an American corporation (Adobe Systems) afraid that he had
discovered and revealed flaws in their softwareUs security.

The protesters also seek the repeal of the DMCA. Mr. Sklyarov faces
extraordinary fines and prison time for discovering and sharing flaws in
the security of Adobe's e-book software. In every other industry, this
role of the whistle blower would be lauded by society; however the DMCA
makes revealing defects in computer software criminal. The DMCA also
threatens future computer security research--Mr. Sklyarov is a PhD
candidate in the field of computer security, and many in that field are
beginning to fear the substantial criminal and civil liabilities the DMCA
creates for them. The DMCA creates a climate of fear that stands to erode
US leadership in the development of secure computer software, not to
mention its chilling effect every American's freedom of speech.

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