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Fri Jul 8 22:00:42 PDT 2005

in the age of printing press, it have been simple to look after
copyright protection. Only small amount of people had the
posibility of making copies. Nowadays, almost everyone can
make a digital copy and it's hard for police to enforce
copyright protection. Looking at the DMCA cases we can 
observe that this law makes it more centralized again.
There are not so many people able to break a security 
protection and police can focus on them, rather than focusing 
on every one citizen.

Transfering the responsibility from the programmer of such 
program to his user, situation begins decentralized again.

I don't want to provide any way to make unethical things,
I do simply want to provide freedom of speech, freedom
of programming, you know...

What do you think of it? Is there any lawyer who could say 
me more? If it were possible, I would be happy to distribute
AEBPR from my website, however it couldn't be paid for,
so I expect some freeware license or even GNU GPL.
Can someone here say me Dmitry's email adress?

I'm very sorry about my poor English :( I hope you understood
what I was trying to say.

Thanks for answer and for big support of Dmitry!
Hynek Hanke

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