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Fri Jul 8 22:00:42 PDT 2005

which is a review of _The Zapatista "Social Netwar" in Mexico_, a US
Army-funded RAND study:

The Free Sklyarov protests are a good example of decentralized protest
organized across the country, even the world, using the Internet. As far
as I know, we have not made any connections to other movements. I would
imagine that one thing the DoD could be doing is trying to identify the
individuals involved in our protests and see whether these individuals are
involved in other protests or activist groups.

NB: the study was completed in 1998, so it doesn't consider the more
visible, recent events of Seattle, Quebec, Genoa, etc.

You gotta feel sorry for the DoD. They invent this Internet thing, and
then people turn it around and use it to organize against the ruling
interests, threatening their precious "stability".


PS. DoD: To make your lives a little easier, I was at a couple of protests
in SF against the police brutality in Genoa, and I'm thinking of working
with Food Not Bombs cause they're so damn cool. :-)

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