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Fri Jul 8 22:00:42 PDT 2005

Dimitri out of jail and prevent this travesty from happening again is for 
that law to be torn up, scredded, de-inked, and burned to ash. Along the 
way you might want to do something about that dubious "contributory infringement" 
insanity, well First things first. 

Those of us with IT backgrounds have to stop thinking like programmers, 
there is no work around, no technical solution. L. Lessig is right, the 
only way we are gonna beat the lawyers that he and Stanford are pumping 
out every year is to start playing the game ourselves.

Lets take some pages out of the books of some of the more powerful lobbies 
like the NRA. They have managed to make amazing concessions over the years 
to gun control despite the fact they endorse products that by in large have 
very few uses but to kill people.  Obviously some of their methods are pretty 

We definitely got the brains, and If you believe the statistics, we have 
the money . Perhaps we should stop buying Lego Mindstorms, BMW's and stupidly 
fast computers and start pumping some of that money into organizations like 
the EFF. We can continue to make our fight on the ground we are powerful 
on, technology, but we need to take a few pages from our opponents book 
as well.

We need to become powerful if we are going to beat this, and not just in 
Cyberspace, in Meat space as well.




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