[Seth-Trips] BayLISA, Palo Alto, Thursday, Aug. 16

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Mon Aug 13 13:06:09 PDT 2001

Duncan MacKinnon and I were invited as speakers for the Thursday evening
meeting of BayLISA, the Bay Area Large Installation System
Administration Users Group.  You can come too!


   Seth David Schoen and Duncan MacKinnon are two of the core developers
   on the LNX-BBC project. This recently forked its developnent tree from
   the Linuxcare Bootable Business Card but as the entire project in
   under GPL it is possible for anyone to customize for local use.
   This is a preview of their (longer) upcoming presentation at
   LinuxWorldExpo later in August. Copies of the newly released LNX-BBC
   will be available.

   Unless otherwise noted, general meetings are on the Third Thursday of
   every month, 7:30 pm to approximately 9:30 pm.


   Bay-LISA meets monthly to discuss topics of interest to administrators
   of sites supporting more than 100 users and/or computers. The meetings
   are free and open to the public. The focus is generally on UNIX
   Systems, but non-UNIX issues are also topics of occasional discussion.
   BayLISA grew out of an after-hours discussion among attendees of the
   USENIX LISA IV conference. The idea was to provide a forum for
   Sysadmin professionals in the San Francisco Bay area to get together
   and exchange ideas, hear speakers address topics of interest and most
   importantly socialize.

This meeting is at

   Incyte Genomics
   Corporate Headquarters Building
   3160 Porter Drive
   Palo Alto, CA


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