[Seth-Trips] Bernal Hill, sometime

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Sat Jun 16 09:54:57 PDT 2001

mike dillon writes:

> begin Seth David Schoen quotation:
> > How about 1:00p or 2:00p?
> i'd say one, unless anybody else wants to go and prefers later. i'll
> need directions.

BART to 24th/Mission, exit 24th/Mission and cross to the side with
the McDonald's.  (No matter which exit you use, the McDonald's will be
across the street from you.)

This is the southeast corner of the intersection:

    | M |
    | i |BART
----- s ------
24th  s  24th
----- i ------
BART| o | McD
    | n |

Now walk east along 24th Street.  You'll cross South Van Ness and come
to Shotwell.

(If you, walking along 24th Street, start to go uphill, start to notice
more expensive homes and shops, or cross Valencia, then you are headed
west toward Noe Valley instead of east toward the Mission.  Turn

At 24th and Shotwell, turn right.  I'm at 1022A, which is between 24th
and 25th, a yellow house on the right, with four apartments in it.

It should take about three minutes to walk from BART to my apartment.

To get to Bernal Hill, you don't really need directions, because we'll
go together, but for the benefit of someone who might want to go to
Bernal Hill from elsewhere for the views or exercise, if you keep
going on Shotwell (south, past 25th Street), you'll cross Cesar
Chavez, and then you have a couple of ways to climb up the hill, but
it's pretty obvious, because the hill is directly in front of you and
is pretty tall.  I think my habit has been to turn left on Precita.

You can also take the #67 Muni bus over the hill, and it lets you get
out near the top.  I've never done that except to get over the hill.

On the other hand, if you made a left onto Shotwell from 24th, instead
of a right, you would come to the EFF (between 18th and 19th).  If you
kept going on 24th, you would come to San Francisco General Hospital
(at Potrero).

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