[Seth-Trips] Bernal Hill, sometime

mike dillon mdillon at embody.org
Sat Jun 16 10:30:38 PDT 2001

begin Seth David Schoen quotation:
> Now walk east along 24th Street.  You'll cross South Van Ness and come
> to Shotwell.
> (If you, walking along 24th Street, start to go uphill, start to
> notice more expensive homes and shops, or cross Valencia, then you are
> headed west toward Noe Valley instead of east toward the Mission.
> Turn around!)
> At 24th and Shotwell, turn right.  I'm at 1022A, which is between 24th
> and 25th, a yellow house on the right, with four apartments in it.
> It should take about three minutes to walk from BART to my apartment.

that's easy enough. i'll be riding my bike to and from BART. i'll be
there around 1.


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