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A neat thing in conjunction with the Mole Day party:

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>Subject: Not Anthrax: - Californians can see the Space Station tonight!
>In case you've never seen a satellite before from the ground, or live in a 
>big city, now's your chance if you live on the west coast. The pass will 
>go directly overhead San Francisco and then basically down highway 5 past 
>San Diego and into Baja California.  So almost anyone in California should 
>be able to see it clearly.  ISS is bright enough that if you can see the 
>sky, you can even see it in San Francisco or LA for the most part.
>Look straight up at 7:09 PM Pacific tonight.  It wont be completely dark 
>then, but ISS is bright enough.  You'll probably think you're seeing an 
>It will appear about 7:07 near the end of the "handle" of the big Dipper 
>and progress to a point straight over head (85 degrees up) at 7:09:40.
>I observed the pass last night which wasn't as good and it was right on 
>time.  Watch it when its approaching overhead, you'll see it brighten 
>dramatically a couple of times.  Those are sun glints off the solar 
>arrays.  They were very bright last night, almost doubling the brightness 
>of the object.
>A description of the pass is at:
>www.heavens-above.com is a great site for figuring out what you can see 
>from your location.  Its run by the German Space Operations Agency.
>ISS is now the brightest of all the satellites and the easiest to 
>view.   Tonight there will be a Soyuz capsule from the recent launch from 
>Russia with a French cosmonaut on board.  You will be looking at the home 
>of the only 6 people living off the surface of the earth.  (ISS normally 
>has a crew of 3 but the other 3 are visiting to exchange Soyuz capsules at 
>the station.  The new group of 3 arrived today and will be leaving next 
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