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Fri Apr 12 15:24:54 PDT 2002

I can't make it, but if anyone is in Chicago, you should go hear this

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Two items of business on this fine but chilly Friday afternoon:

ONE: TONIGHT! For the first time in recorded history, The Tastytronic
Philharmonic (Ben Beckstrom, Peter Peterson, Brian Grant, Aaron Moon,
Phil Kuhl, and Adam LaSpata) will perform The Last Transmission from
Starbase XY003 -- a Space Rock Opera about love, death, spaceworms,
and a couple of good ol' boys who were always one step ahead of the
law... until now. It should be great -- Tonight, at the Hollywood,
corner of Bryn Mawr and Spaulding Avenues. Music shoudl start some
time after 9:00 and will go late, as Eskimo Palace is playing after

TWO: I've been thinking a lot about the mailing list situation here
-- there are separate lists for Skates Sharpened and Repaired, XY003,
and redvinegar -- even though much of the audiences overlap. WOuld
anyone be upset if I collapsed all three lists into one Tastytronic
Records list that had announcements for all three things (or other
future projects). If anyone is opposed to getting those announcements
together, please email me privately. Otherwise, I'll transfer that
stuff over some time in the next few weeks.

The show at the wood tonight should be great! Hope you can make it.


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