[Seth-Trips] Computers, Freedom, and Privacy; EFF Pioneer Awards, Wednesday

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Sat Apr 13 02:08:41 PDT 2002

It's a bit late if you aren't registered, but the Twelfth Conference on
Computers, Freedom, and Privacy is coming to town next week:


EFF will be a big part of it.  There are also interesting parties and
dinners likely, and I'll let this list know if I hear about any.  The
one event I'd specifically like to invite everyone to at this point is
the EFF Pioneer Awards.


The Pioneer Awards are a great EFF tradition, and this year we will
honor Dan Gillmor, Beth Givens, and the authors of DeCSS.  Jon
Johansen will make an appearance by teleconference or by video from
his home in Norway, where he is about to go on trial for his role in
what we're giving him an award for.  The other MoRE members are still
anonymous and will probably not be attending.

As the Pioneer Awards page says:

   The 11th annual EFF Pioneer Awards will be presented in San Francisco,
   California, in the Japanese Pavilion of the Cathedral Hill Hotel
   Wednesday, April 17, 8:00 - 9:15 p.m. PT, in conjunction with the 12th
   Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy (CFP2002).

Cory and I will be on our way back from a CPTWG/BPDG meeting in Los
Angeles earlier that day.  CPTWG and BPDG schedulers apparently did
not assume that many participants would want to attend CFP.

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