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You can come to court and hear Judge Whyte rule on Elcomsoft's
motions!  (And you can see a stream of depressing immigration

We can count on a small number of hands the number of times district
judges have been told that software is speech.  This case is one of
those times.

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is forwarding this information below
from the public relations person for the Elcomsoft legal defense team.

For more information on the Dmitry Sklyarov and Elcomsoft case:

Will Doherty
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Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
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Electronic Frontier Foundation - Protecting rights in the digital age
April 15, 2002
US Federal Court Building, San Jose, CA  -  Russian Software Company, 
ElcomSoft's lead attorney, Joseph Burton, of Boston based Duane Morris, 
LLP, attorney Daralyn Durie of Keker and Van Nest, LLP and ElcomSoft CEO, 
Alex Katalov, will appear before Judge Ronald M. Whyte Monday morning at 9 
am the 15th of April. The legal team anticipates that Judge Whyte will rule 
on the Fifth and First Amendment motions argued by the ElcomSoft attorneys 
two weeks ago.  If the judge does not dismiss this case, a trial date will 
be scheduled.

The motions currently undecided are those of the Due Process Clause of the 
Fifth Amendment which was argued by lead attorney, Joseph Burton and the 
First Amendment's Free Speech motion, argued by Keker and Van Nest 
attorney, Daralyn Durie on April 1, 2002.

A Press Conference will be held immediately following the ElcomSoft team's 
court appearance outside of the Federal Court Building.  Alexander Katalov, 
CEO of ElcomSoft and defense attorney(s) Joseph Burton and Daralyn Durie 
will be available for comments.

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