[Seth-Trips] HSC Electronic Supply, Saturday, April 27

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Sat Apr 27 00:26:38 PDT 2002

Nick Moffitt writes:

> begin  The ASCII Floating Head of Seth David Schoen  quotation:
> > Well, HSC is easy walking distance from Lawrence, and in between is
> > an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant!  Those facts were a part of my
> > plan as I'd conceived it.
> > 
> > Nick is also supposed to be coming back from Chicago -- where are
> > you, Nick?
> 	I'm in Oakland right now.  I could do an HSC trip, but I'd
> prefer to do it entirely by rail.
> 	What time did you have in mind?

So, the current plan is that I'll check with Nick in the morning, and
try to come down in the early afternoon, first calling everybody else
who's expressed interest.  If you're interested, and haven't gotten in
touch with me, speak up!

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