[Seth-Trips] Cena Latina, Menlo Park, May 3 [adjg@hypalonia.com: cena proxima Latina die tertio Mensis Maii celebranda est]

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Fri Apr 26 17:45:47 PDT 2002

I'm again thinking of going, though I still haven't made it to any of

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Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 10:53:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Andrew Gollan <adjg at hypalonia.com>
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Subject: cena proxima Latina die tertio Mensis Maii celebranda est

Andreas sodalibus s p d

quod et Annula et ego mense Maio fere tota aberunt in diuersis partibus
Europae, cena celebranda est maturius quam fieri solet.  inde die tertio
mensis Maii uenerisque hora sexta cenam domi meae (190 E. O'Keefe St
#10, Menlo Park) celebrabimus.  fac nos certiores de tuo aduentu ad
"cenauiri at hypalonia.com", et, si tibi liceat, aut lagoenam aut summulam
($5) afferas, amabo.

Andrew to his colleagues,

as both Annula and myself are spending nearly the whole of May in different
parts of Europe, cena Latina will be held earlier than usual.  So on friday
the 3rd of May at 6pm at my house (190 E. O'Keefe St #10, Menlo Park) we
will have cena Latina.  Let us know at "cenauiri at hypalonia.com" if you are
coming, and, if it fits your circumstance, please bring a bottle or a
contribution of $5.


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