[Seth-Trips] Cena Latina mensis Februarii, Menlo Park, Feb. 15 ([adjg@hypalonia.com: cena Latina mensis Februarii insolito tempore celebranda])

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Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 20:32:01 -0700
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From: Andrew Gollan <adjg at hypalonia.com>
Subject: cena Latina mensis Februarii insolito tempore celebranda

Andreas sodalibus optimis sal. plur.

quod non cenam celebrauimus mense Ianuario pro dolor, et quia nostrum 
aliqui in mensis Februarii fine non Franciscopoli (uel in regione) 
aderimus, cena Latina Februarii mensis die quinto decimo illius mensis erit 
domi meae celebranda (die non Saturni sed Mercurii) hora sexta uespertina 
(more moderno).  fercula Francogallica praebebuntur (sed non lautissima, 
eheu)  quod mandauit nos non Mexicana sumere aliquis...
nihil obstabit aliquos serius aduenturos usque ad horam septimam.  si tibi 
commodum sit, quaeso, mi
des dollaria $5 uel lagoenam uini adferas.  quicumque uelis per tramen 
(Caltrain) affore, possis capi a
statione sine molestia.  singula domus sunt:

	Andrew Gollan
	190 E. O'Keefe St. #10
	Menlo Park, CA, 94025
	telephonum:  (650) 838 9227
	http://hypalonia.com/House (ut chartographiam uideas)


because we had no January cena, and as some of us won't be here at the end 
of February, this coming
cena will be on February 15th (Friday) at 6pm (though arriving a bit later 
won't cause difficulty).  There will
be a repast of French dishes (since someone made a specific request not to 
have Mexican).  I ask that if
your circumstances allow you slip me $5 or bring a bottle, if not don't 
bother.  Anyone wishing to arrive by
Caltrain can be collected without difficulty.  See above for the details of 

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