[Seth-Trips] Partial solar eclipse today

Sunah Caroline Cherwin slippery at pobox.com
Mon Jun 10 20:50:25 PDT 2002

I went and got a picnic from Poulet and drove up to Codornices, by 
the Rose Garden. I wanted to be someplace pretty that still had 
cement for the shadows to be plainly displayed. There are cement 
pavers running in a path through the lawn, so I set up there.

Of course, I had a colander with me. The colander is turned aluminum 
so the inside has tiny grooves like an LP, and I caught the sun in 
it. You know how with an LP you aim it at the light and it has like a 
bowtie on the surface and then you get exactly perpendicular to the 
light and the whole thing flashes just there? So I caught the sun in 
the colander straight on and watched the crescents on the pavers and 
ate my picnic as they waxed and read a book as they waned, and then 
when there weren't crescents anymore I noticed you could hold the 
colander up sideways so the light could go through the hole on one 
side and out the other and you could wiggle it a bit for the moire 

It was a very scientific event.
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