[Seth-Trips] Sloth tomorrow...

Sunah Caroline Cherwin slippery at pobox.com
Sat Jun 29 10:34:04 PDT 2002

Hi! My back is much better, so last week I was able to BART to this, 
and it was just dandy. I hope some of you join me this week for SLOTH!

>SEVEN SINS is a theatrical experience somewhere
>between performance art and stand-up comedy. At each performance,
>seven performers take the stage for ten minutes a piece to tell the
>audience an autobiographic and funny story. All of the stories in
>each show are loosely tied to one of the seven deadly sins: ENVY,
>GREED, PRIDE, LUST, SLOTH, WRATH and GLUTTONY. For instance, opening
>night will feature LUST. The cast and the sin change with each show,
>although some performers repeat. On the eighth and ninth
>performances, we'll encore the best performances in two shows
>recapping all of the sins.  Running time is approximately 70 minutes
>- no intermission.  All performance will be held at Venue 9.
>LUST (June 9th), ENVY (June 16th), GREED (June 23rd),
>SLOTH (June 30th), PRIDE (JULY 7th), WRATH (JULY 14th) and GLUTTONY
>(JULY 21st)

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