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I couldn't make it now without a car, but PGN is really cool -- he's
the comp.risks person, among other things.

I alluded to his propensity for puns in a sequence of zinc haiku a
while back:

> Sensations coming
> from metallic reactions:
> a zinking feeling.
> Gossips and costly
> seagoing vessels conjoined
> thus: loose lips, zinc ships.
> Rene Descartes finds
> his elemental self: I
> zinc, therefore I am.
> Horrible zinc puns
> you would expect from Peter
> Neumann, not from me.

East Bay people, you can probably make this talk if you leave right

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Sorry for the zer0day announcement, but I thought you would like to know

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Subject: Digital Defense seminar:  Peter Neumann, SRI, to speak 4:00 on March in 
 540 Cory Hall

You are invited to a talk in the Digitial Defence: Security, Privacy,
and Critical Infrastructure Protection seminar series given by Peter
Neumann, SRI, at 4:00 pm in 540 Cory Hall on March 4, 2002.  


Information System Risks in the Critical Infrastructures


The previous Administration's President's Commission on Critical
Infrastructure Protection identified copious risks relating to the
national infrastructures.  This talk will focus primarily on the
technological risks arising from the computer and communication systems
on which the national infrastructures depend so heavily, and what needs
to be done to starkly reduce those risks.  For those of you who like
browsing, my Web site contains my previous testimonies for the House and
Senate on this subject (http://www.csl.sri.com/neumann), based on what I
said for the PCCIP in five different meetings with them.


Peter G. Neumann (Neumann at CSL.sri.com) has doctorates from Harvard and
Darmstadt.  After 10 years at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey, in
the 1960s, he has been in SRI's Computer Science Lab since September
1971.  He is concerned with computer systems and networks, security,
reliability, survivability, safety, and many risks-related issues such
as voting-system integrity, crypto policy, social implications, and
human needs including privacy.  He moderates the ACM Risks Forum, edits
CACM's monthly Inside Risks column, chairs the ACM Committee on
Computers and Public Policy, co-chairs the ACM Advisory Committee on
Security and Privacy, co-founded People For Internet Responsibility
(PFIR, http://www.PFIR.org).  His book, Computer-Related Risks, is in
its fourth printing.  He is a Fellow of the ACM, IEEE, and AAAS, and is
also an SRI Fellow.  He is a member of the U.S. General Accounting
Office Executive Council on Information Management and Technology, and
the National Science Foundation Computer Information Science and
Engineering Advisory Board.  He has taught at Stanford, U.C. Berkeley
(1970-71), and the University of Maryland.  See his Web site
(http://www.csl.sri.com/neumann) for further background.

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