[Seth-Trips] "Faulting Filters", Berkeley, Oct. 7

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Tue Oct 1 11:46:30 PDT 2002

(Thanks to Fred for this.  I'll probably be at the Bernstein
argument then.)

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>Subject: [boalt-org] Geoff Nunberg speaking on Oct. 7
>Geoff Nunberg, Senior Researcher, at the Center for the Study of  
>Language and
>Information, Stanford University
>will be giving a talk entitled:
>"Faulting Filters"
>at 4:30pm on Oct. 7, 2002, in Boalt Rm 100
>At the end of 2000, President Clinton signed into law the Children's  
>Protection Act (CIPA), which required all libraries that received  
>federal subsidies to install software filters to screen out depictions  
>obscenity and child pornography. It was the third Congressional  
>attempt to
>deal with the problem of online pornography, after courts had  
>overturned two
>earlier anti-porn laws as unconstitutional.
>Shortly after that, the American Library Association and the ACLU  
>brought suit
>to block CIPA, largely on the grounds that filters necessarily blocked  
>amounts of Constitutionally protected speech. The ALA engaged me as an  
>witness to help support this claim. In this talk I'll go over some of  
>questions I covered in my reports and testimony, as well as about some  
>of the
>other issues that were raised in the trial. I'll also talk about how  
>the issue
>is being played out in the larger political and social context and  
>about how
>these arguments were received by the three-judge federal panel in a  
>June, 2002
>ruling that threw out the law.
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