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Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Fri Oct 4 00:25:07 PDT 2002

begin  The ASCII Floating Head of Seth David Schoen  quotation:
> I'd like to take Zack up on his suggestion for a standardized
> seth-trips announcement format (which he refers to as "STM", for
> "Seth-Trips Map").  His initial proposal is below.  What would you
> add or do differently?

	I'd make a seth code, like the geek code.  Single characters
denote category, while sequences of + or - symbols indicate pro or con

v = Vegetarian friendliness. V is neutral or unknown, v+ is friendly,
    v++ is vegan-friendly, v+++ is vegetarian only, and v++++ is
    vegan-only.  LIkewise v---- would be some event where one would be
    compelled to eat flesh.  Perhaps five minuses would be
    cannibalism, I dunno. It could use some tweaking.
l = latin 
e = esperanto
a = anonymity possible (a- would mean nametags, perhaps.  a-- means
    they want to check your ID to allow you to take part in some piece
    of it.  a--- would mean you can't get in without showing ID)
A = age requirements (followed by digits listing minimum age, such as
    A16- to indicate an event that discriminates against those under
    the age of 16.  A-16- means no one under 16 allowed, and A5+ means
    the event is specifically for those under the age of 5.
T = transit-friendly.  Add a plus for each possible transit agency
    that goes by, ignoring those that only come once every half-hour
    or so.  So an evening event by caltrain would be just T, since the
    caltrain doesn't run often enough to get a +, while an event by
    Oakland's 12th St BART would get a T++ for BART plus AC Transit.

In all seriousness, I'd probably add headers to the map format for
transportation.  For example:

map-url: http://maps.yahoo.com/py/maps.py?addr=221b+Baker+St&csz=London,+England
transit-routes: Muni Metro JKLMN; Muni 21,31,38,5,F; BART; AC Transit Trans-bay Bus

Yahoo maps URLs are easy to bang out.  addr= with plus-separated
street address, then &csz= with city, state, and/or zip code. The
above transit example was for a downtown SF event (but left a number
of Muni bus routes out for brevity).  Most events wouldn't have nearly
the coverage listed there.

A: No.
Q: Should I include quotations after my reply?

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