[Seth-Trips] seth-trips announcement format

Praveen Sinha ampere at swcp.com
Fri Oct 4 16:31:28 PDT 2002

On Fri, 4 Oct 2002, Zack Brown wrote:

> Something like this?
> http://tumblerings.org/~zbrown/seth-trips.html

On that topic, a calendaring system for seth trips might work out well
since I never actually remember where all these damn trips are and who is
going where.  Blake wrote "bootycal" which is kind of a wiki like calendar
that I have up:

It's pretty rudimentary, but something analogous might do the trick if it
had names and crap...

Also on seth codes and ppl- what about something like:

ppl+ seth will be there
ppl++ seth and a few friendly people will be there
ppl+++ seth and many friendly people will be there
ppl++++ seth and a ton of friendly ppl hyped up on sex, drugs, and free
software will be there (ala RSA free party)

ppl- seth will not be there
ppl-- seth will be in a conference full of republicans
ppl--- seth will be in court, on trial
ppl---- seth will be surrounded by angry mobs of microsoft-mindcontrolled
yokels wielding torches, pickaxes, and legal injunctions 

etc. etc.


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