[Seth-Trips] seth-trips announcement format

mike dillon mdillon at embody.org
Fri Oct 4 16:41:49 PDT 2002

begin mike dillon quotation:
> Web pages that send messages to mailing lists make me uncomfortable. I
> don't really have any reason beyond that, nor can I really justify why
> I'm not comfortable with such pages; I just am. That's why I didn't
> say, "That page must not submit to Seth-trips", but rather "I
> think...".

I thought of a few (possibly) better reasons:

1. Personalization (goofy X-headers, .sigs, etc.)

2. Cryptographic signing (for those who want to be sure everyone knows
   the message is from them and not an imposter)

3. CC'ing friends who aren't on the Seth-trips list

4. Anonymous remailers (if there are any left)

Because of these things, I think it is better to get the formatted text
from the web page and send it to the list in the normal fashion, using
your mailer.


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